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Training Programs

Fun and effective training program

Does your dog(s) need help being trained for around the house or out in public behavior? We offer a complete and engaging training program focused on teaching behavior and building confidence.

Training Day Camp

Day camp is a fun and effective day training program designed to help you meet the training goals you have with your dog. After your free evaluations, we will set up a customized training program specifically for your dog. The training program is typically five consecutive days? .  Two in-person sessions (trainer and dog owner) are scheduled at the end of the program to review what your dog has learned and how to reinforce the new behaviors.  
We also offer one day drop in’s focusing on that ONE thing your dog can’t seem to figure out.

Training Programs: Text

In home training

I offer a free evaluation for all new clients and dogs before we get started.  At the moment, all sessions are one on one. We start the sessions inside in the safety of your home until they understand the behavior.  The next step is taking them out into the real world and work through all the distractions. The goal is to enjoy more time together. We will teach your dog effective ways to shape their behavior and build confidence while having fun. We want to make sure your dog is reliable, whether its at home, the dog park, or in public settings.  Starting early will save you a ton of headaches! However, its never too late to start, no matter what the issues are.

What I address

Perhaps you are needing something else? Why not give me a call and we can discuss your needs and come up with a plan.

Basic commands

Loose leash walking
Sit and Down


Wait at the door
Leave it, drop it


Advanced Obedience




A completed boarding contract is needed (and on file) before your dog’s first stay. 

Shot records are needed before their first stay (rabies, Bordetella and Distemper is required, Lyme’s is preferred)

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