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Tail Waggin' Fun

My love for dogs is nothing new. I always seem to like my friend’s dogs more than my friends. I knew I wanted to work with dogs since I was a young girl.


I started boarding dogs the fall of 2003 when we had a bad experience with a couple local dog boarding facilities. I swore I’d never let my friends or family have to experience that heartbreak. We started out as word of mouth, until so many people had too many good things to say about us to their friends and family. For you, we’re forever grateful!

I hated knowing my dogs were locked up all day when they were with other people, so we make sure your dog is out running around as much as possible.


I grew up training my three shelties. I started in 4-H with obedience and agility. That experience shaped my love for training. When I outgrew the 4-H program, I sought out additional training and graduated from an accredited 12-week training program in 2007. I started my dog training career at PetSmart where I lead classes in puppy obedience, advanced obedience, and aggressive behaviors.



Our mission: Have the highest satisfaction from not only our pet parents, but from the dogs! We want to maintain the reputation as giving more than what you pay for and giving the upmost respect to your pet while they’re in our care.  Why you ask?  Because they deserve it!

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