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Before we can board your dog, you MUST fill out a waiver beforehand or at drop-off. Please either fill out this online form below OR click the Paper Form button to download the waiver, print, sign, then bring with you at drop-off. You only need to do this once, so after you have filled it out there is no need to do it again.

Your dog is:

No females in heat are allowed at any time during their cycle

In consideration of $25 per day, Puppies or non-crate trained dogs $30. Pet Owner agrees to board for the dates agreed between Danielle and the pet owner.  Boarding costs will be paid in full to Danielle or Cody Schmitt when pet is picked up. Nonpayment will result in legal action if unpaid at time of pick up, along with/ or extra charges depending upon when payment is met.

I understand that by waving my chance for a meet and greet may result in additional charges if my dog is disruptive, destructive, or aggressive for Danielle/Cody while they are in their care. Result in any said behavior could terminate business with The Dogs Den. 


Danielle and Cody agrees to feed pet based on the pet’s current schedule and also agrees to give pets any medication as long as they are provided, along with instructions given at time of drop off.  Pet Owner agrees to provide food. And special toys (if they wish). The Dogs Den will exercise pet daily. The Dog’s Den will also offer grooming at owners request.  The Dogs Den will not supply or be responsible for providing food for your dog. 


Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations and must be presented at time of drop off for new pet parents, as well as updated shots for current dogs. Lapse in vaccinations will terminate any business between Danielle/Cody and Pet owner until proof of updated vaccinations are presented to Danielle/Cody. The Dog’s Den has the right to decline any service to the Pet owner at any time. 


The Dog’s Den hours vary on availability. Pet owners agree to drop off and pick up pet at the time agreed between Danielle/ Cody and pet owners. If you cancel your dog’s stay with less than 24hours notice, you are due to pay a reservation fee of $40 that is non-refundable that is due immediately. 

During the time the pet is in the care of Danielle/Cody, The Dog’s Den is not liable for any sickness, disease, theft, death, disappearance or injury which may be suffered by the pet. This includes, but is not limited to; any personal injury or disability the pet may receive while in the care of Danielle or Cody Schmitt. If you had to bring your dog to a vet 48hours before planned drop of due to illness, you will have to reschedule/cancel your dog’s stay. If you bring your pet, you are liable to pay any vet fees for another dog that may be associated with your dog’s illness.   Pet owner is responsible for paying any and all damage to the facility (home, crate(s) and or yard) that exceeds the normal “wear and tear”.

The Dog’s Den agrees to attempt to contact Pet Owner at the following emergency telephone numbers:

If The Dog’s Den feels that medical treatment is needed for pet.  In the event that The Dog’s Den is unable to contact Pet Owner within a reasonable time, which time shall be judged and determined solely by Danielle/Cody, The Dog’s Den is authorized to secure emergency veterinary care by any licensed provider(s) who are selected by The Dog’s Den, as Danielle/Cody determines is required for the health and well-being of said Pet.  The Dog’s Den may provide necessary care, judged and determined solely by Danielle/Cody, prior to securing veterinary care.  The cost of care received shall be due and payable by Pet Owner. 

I understand that in the event if my dog were to pass away within the care of The Dog’s Den, Danielle/Cody Schmitt is not liable and will still receive payment for my dogs care while in Danielle/Cody custody. The Dog’s Den will contact pet parent as soon as the event is identified. The Dog’s Den will hold deceased dog for no more than 8hours after death/notification to pet parents. Transportation to designated vet or crematorium may be arranged if requested by pet owner for additional cost.

Pet owner agrees to re-sign contract when vaccinations expire if changes have been made to acknowledge that they still agree with the terms and conditions said by Danielle/Cody. If pet parent feels like there should be any changes to contract, Danielle/Cody and pet owner will discuss at time of said occurrence.

Thanks for submitting!

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